The Universidad de Montevideo seeks to be a leader in international education. It is committed to developing global citizens and leaders and to promoting research to increase worldwide understanding of Latin America within a global society.

Center for Ibero-American and Documentation Studiesmore

The CEDEI is a University of Montevideo postgraduate center for teaching and research. Our mission is to study and disseminate Ibero-American thought and culture and make it easier for everyone to access our archives and promote their extension. At the same time, the Center focuses on optimizing the conditions of preservation and the development of its bibliographical and documentary material. The main fields of knowledge linked to its archives are the history and geography of Latin America (in particular, the history and geography of the Atlantic and the Río de la Plata areas); Spanish language and literature (with an emphasis on Cervantes and the Spanish Golden Age); Latin American thought; history of the Church; culture; law; and art.

This academic center is open to professors and researchers, tertiary and university students, journalists, and functionaries—both diplomats and from national and international public organizations. At the same time, those with a personal interest in broadening their knowledge of Ibero-American culture may access the collections and receive information.

In order to fulfil the Center’s mandate, librarians, researchers, and an advisory council collaborate in strategic development, in finding academic links, in technological innovation, in exchanges, in coordinating programs for cultural dissemination and specialization, and in policy related to donations and new material acquisition. 

Through the CEDEI, the University of Montevideo is responsible for the appropriate preservation of bibliographical material, archives, and works of art that have been acquired by the institution over the years and for providing adequate space for consultation and study at the Center. This documentary and artistic compilation forms part of the cultural heritage of a city—Montevideo—and of a country—Uruguay, and for this reason it is at the service of all members of the local and national communities, as well as foreign visitors.


The CEDEI places great value on the maintenance and expansion of its institutional and personal links with the academic community in Latin America and the world. Each year, it welcomes various researchers and visiting scholars from across the globe. Center scholars engage with faculty and students, expand upon their research by taking advantage of CEDEI’s resources, and help bring new scholarly and cultural perspectives to the UM community.

Fernando Aguerre Core, PhD

Luisa Peirano, PhD
William Rey Ashfield, PhD
Juan M Casal, PhD
Mariana Moraes, PhD
Laura Osta, PhD
Alvaro Caso, MA
Nicolas Arenas, MA
Lic. Ramiro Podetti
Lic. Maria Elena Ruibal

Support staff:
Lic. Daniela Vairo
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Phone Number: Tel: +598 26287191


Library staff are available to provide assistance at service desks during most of the Center’s opening hours. Professors can register to do research at CEDEI by filling the Application Form and uploading the required documents.

If you wish to visit the CEDEI, we kindly request that you book a visit in advance at


The Friends of the CEDEI is an association of retired faculty and professional Latin Americanists interested in maintaining close ties with the field of Latin American Studies. The Center keeps Friends informed of LAS-related events through mailings and e-mail messages. Join a community of people committed to supporting a Center of excellence. You can donate to Red Pagos Account Nº 46436.