Foreign Students

The University of Montevideo is open to all students, foreign and Uruguayan, who have completed their secondary education outside the country and who want to pursue university studies in Uruguay.

University admission is subject to the following requirements mandated by the Uruguayan Board of Secondary Education:

1. Photocopy of current passport.

2. Diploma certifying completion of secondary studies.

3. Academic transcript listing all secondary courses that the student has passed. This justifies the issuance of their secondary diploma.

Students coming from the Hague Apostille Convention countries may present their diploma and transcript with an apostille issued by their state or country.

Students from all other countries need to legalize their documents at the Uruguayan Consulate in the country where they completed their secondary studies. Upon arrival in Uruguay, they must obtain additional certification at the Division of Consular Affairs of the Uruguayan Ministry of Foreign Relations (Cuareim 1384, CP 11.100 – Tel. 29021010 ext. 3126).

Revalidation of secondary studies is granted by the Uruguayan Board of Secondary Education – Technical Inspection, Revalidations Section (Juncal 1397 – Montevideo).

Any questions regarding the revalidation process should be directed to the University of Montevideo’s Office of Documentation and Records:

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