The UM ranked ten among Latin America economics schools

According to the University of Tilburg’s Top 100 Worldwide Economics Schools Research, based on research contributions published in 2004-2008, Universidad de Montevideo is rated ninth in Latin America.
There are many rankings that evaluate business and economics schools world-wide. Several universities conduct this type of research and determine positions according to the level of academic contribution. It is within this context that the University of Tilburg (Netherlands) decided to establish a world ranking for colleges of Business and Economics. They composed a global top 100 based on data from 68 publications in economics journals between 2004 and 2008. Harvard University, the University of Chicago and New York University form the list’s Top 3. Tilburg’s publication also lets you see the ranking broken down by continent and country. The University of Montevideo is ranked nine in Latin America, and Uruguay is the only institution that is on the list. According to Dr. Juan Dubra, Director of the Undergraduate Program in Economics, “the ranking shows that UM is Uruguay’s strongest university in the area of economics research”. He highlights research and publishing as key elements of academic excellence, because when a professor researches and publishes, it implies a better educational experience for his or her students. “Various rankings that evaluate at a continental level”, he added, “place us in an excellent position”.