Students gave a talk at Stanford University

Carolina Vassalucci (FCOM) and Lucia Rodríguez (FCEE) were invited by Stanford University to participate as coordinators of the University Innovation Fellows 2019 meet up.

The first generation of UM students who participated in the annual University Innovation Fellows meet up flew to the US in 2017. Since then, students from different faculties of the UM have traveled back. After the meet up, Stanford University chooses some students to go back as fabs (from fabulous) and they are in charge of coordinating the activities of the next meet up. The first student to attend as fab was Romina Domizain. This year, Carolina Vassalucchi (the one from the left photo) and Lucía Rodríguez attended. Carolina studies communication and Lucia studies Accounting and Business Administration.

The two UM students were in charge of an international group of fellows. They also participated in the general organization of the event and offered a talk denominated “Ignite”. The objective of these talks were to inspire more than the 300 present fellows, who came from different parts of the world such as Colombia, Netherlands, Perú, Puerto Rico, Spain, the US and Uruguay.

At the end of this note you can see videos from the talks of Lucía and Carolina. Up next, you can see parts of the talk of the Business faculty student who gave it to more than 300 university students.

I think that if we appreciate the people who surround us, we can find meaning. Last October, while I was in exchange in Canada, I met many people. However, a little boy, who was probably four years old, thought me an important lesson on a Sunday at church. He needed the help of walking sticks to walk and looked exhausted for the long path he had to go through to accompany his mother to receive communion. Although she offered to carry him on her arms, he said “No mom, I got this” and kept doing his best effort until he finally reached the front of the church. Although I did not have the opportunity to talk to his little guy, he gave meaning to that day and made me think of the importance of perseverance.

So, what about you? Do you already have someone in your mind who has given meaning to your life? Shouldn’t we think that we can also be that person on someone else’s life?

We have the responsibility to behave in the way we think right, be coherent with our principles and beliefs, since we can be that box full of meaning to many people. Think for example of our University classmates, our neighbors or even the kid on the other side of the street waiting, like you, for the traffic light to change. In all the talks we have, honesty and openness are key factors to successfully give and receive, but walking the talk makes the circle complete.