UM Law students awarded in Stockholm International Competition

UM Law students competed in the FDI Investment International Arbitration Moot

In November 8-10, UM students were awarded second prize among over one hundred universities in the FDI International Arbitration Moot 2018 in Stockholm. This was the first time that UM students participated in the FDI.

“It was a wonderful experience for the entire group”, stated Mercedes Jiménez de Aréchaga, the head coach. “We had to exchange arguments and points of view within an International Investment Law. We became acquainted with a new and different area of competence. The students’ attitude was extremely flexible. They were enthusiastic to learn and to place the UM on a very ranked position. This competition has opened many doors and students have developed fundamental skills needed by lawyers. This Common Law program is one of differences of the UM Law degree. It was a privilege to coach such talented and dedicated students.”

After the event, the Uruguayan ambassador to Sweden, welcomed the UM students and their coaches at the Embassy in order to tribute their distinguished performance in the competition.

Previous to achieving this milestone in Stockholm, the UM Law students won first place in the Competition for International Investment Arbitration FDI (III annual Pre-Moot) in São Paulo. The contest was organized by the Ibrachinba Sociocultural Institute and Tozzini Freire Law Firm, in which six teams from Uruguayan, Argentinian, and Brazilian universities competed.