Aswath Damodaran visited Uruguay for the first time

NYU faculty lectured in seminar organized by the Universidad de Montevideo and the CFA Society of Uruguay

On October 30-31, Aswath Damodaran led a seminar on corporate valuation attended by 120 people. The event took place in the World Trade Center, Montevideo. It was aimed at members of the CFA Society of Uruguay, faculty and students of the Master in Finances of the UM, and professionals in the local finance sector.

Damodaran is a professor of finance at the New York University´s Stern Business School, and a worldwide expert in corporative finance, author of numerous books and publications about business valuation. This was his first visit to Uruguay.  

In meetings with professors and representatives of the financial sector, Damodaran referred to the benefits of the active functioning of markets in capitals of emerging countries, which favour business growth and promote their professionalization and transparency. He also mentioned the importance of the development of the capital market, as a mechanism to channel the individual savings towards investment projects within the country.