The UM Cervantes Collection at the National Auditorium SODRE

The UM Center for Iberoamerican Studies and Documentation exhibited the collection of Arturo E. Xalambrí, main character of the National Ballet “El Quijote del Plata”

On October 25, was the opening night of El Quijote del Plata (The Quijote of the Plata), by the playwright Santiago Sanguinetti, performed by the National Ballet of the SODRE (BNS), which is inspired by the life of the Uruguayan Arturo E. Xalambrí and his passion for Cervantes’ picturesque character. The day of the debut, the UM Cervantes Collection of the Center of Documentation and Studies of Iberoamerica (CEDEI) exhibited original documents that formed part of Xalambrí’s collection.

In June 2018, Sanguinetti visited the Cervantes Collection, which is guarded by the CEDEI, that Xalambrí put together. Within these texts, Sanguinetti discovered that Xalambrí had “an eccentric personality which was a motor of his behaviour”.

Julio Bocca is the director of the spectacle, in show until November 4. Spaniard Blanca Li was in charge of choreographic design, and Hugo Millan has done the scenery and costume design. Plus, there is a special participation from the Symphonic Orchestra of the SODRE, directed by Master Diego Naser.