Full-time researcher at the UM won the Editorial Elsevier award

Professor Juan Dubra won the award of excellence in the category “Economy”

The Uruguay Elsevier Award of Excellence, with interest from the National Agency of Innovation and Research (ANII) was given by the Elsevier Editorial to Juan Dubra, professor and researcher from the UM School of Business and Economics

The award aims to recognize the academic production of the country. The metrics in evaluating the winners were based on the tools Scopus / SciVal. Dubra’s award, handed to him on Thursday, October 11, was given in relation to the 19 publications in journals indexed by SCOPUS and the seven which were published in classified journals, such as ECONOMICS, between 2013 and 2018.

Dubra’s most distinguished works in this last period included On the problem of prevention (2013) Supermarket entry and the survival of small stores (2014) and Does the Better-Than-Average Effect Show that People are Overconfident?: Two Experiments (2015), with 59 cites on Google Scholar. This last one is one of the first works to demonstrate that people are excessively confident.

Currently, he is working primarily on two projects: one on polarization and another on the excess of confidence. “In the case of polarization, I try to demonstrate that the best theory which can explain the findings is that people are rational. This means that, with a rational population, one finds exactly what was discovered in the laboratories (that people are polarized when they see mixed evidence about a topic). For this reason, contrary to what authors used to argue, people do not demonstrate bias,” signalled the expert. In the second research he conducted on the excess of trust, he performed an experiment together with Jean-Pierre Benoit and Giorgia Romagnoli from the University of Amsterdam. They distinguished between two alternative theories about why populations seem to suffer from the excess of confidence. “The idea is to redefine the measurement of the phenomenon to see what they really have achieved”, added Dubra.

The categories that were awarded in the event included: Information and Computation Science; Science of Physics; Science of Chemistry; Engineering; Environmental Sciences; Geoscience; Agriculture and Veterinary Science; Medical and Health Sciences; Cognitive and Psychological Sciences; Commerce, Management and Tourism; Mathematical Sciences, Education; Economics; Institution that produces the most articles and Uruguayan Newspaper with highest Citescore.

Those awarded on October 11th: Information and Computation Science: Sergio Nesmachnow (UdelaR), Science of Physics: Nicolás Wschebor (UdelaR), Science of Chemistry: Pablo A Denis (UdelaR), Engineering: Gastón Ares (UdelaR), Environmental Sciences: Omar Defeo (UdelaR), Geosciences: Claudi Gaucher (UdelaR). Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences: Ignacio Aguilar (Institute of Agricultural Research), Biological Sciences: Rafael A. Radi (UdelaR), Medical and Health Sciences: José G. Boggia (UdelaR), Cognitive and psychological sciences: Jaime M. Monti (UdelarR), Commerce, Management and Tourism: Leticia Vidal (UdelaR), Mathematical Sciences: Miguel Campiglia (UdelaR), Education: Arturo C. Martí (UdelaR), Economics: Juan M. Dubra (University of Montevideo)