Another year with Endeavor

The UM, once again, sponsor of the Gala Endeavor dinner, the most important networking event in Uruguay

In September, the Gala Endeavor Dinner was celebrated with the aim to bring funds together to support Uruguayan-incubated entrepreneurships. This is the third consecutive year that the UM supports this event, which ranks as the highest networking generator in the country. During the evening, images were projected on the screens promoting the new Data Science for Businesses degree, which will be offered by the university in 2019. This program works under the umbrella of both the School of Engineering and the School of Business and Economics.

More than 800 guests from approximately 150 organizations of different areas of development in the country were invited to the event. Joaquín Morixe, the new executive director of Endeavor Uruguay, spoke about importance of connectivity, new ideas and the entrepreneurial spirit in different generations.

The economist Laura Raffo, presented by Endeavor’s president Andrés Cerisola, moderated a panel session with four distinguished Uruguayan entrepreneurs. Afterwards, a series of exhibitors tackled topics such as artificial intelligence, the importance of passion and motivation in the workforce, and the promotion entrepreneurship in minorities.

This is the 18th year of Endeavor Uruguay, in which a total 66 selected entrepreneurs have developed 40 businesses. Morixe specified that “10 of these have been serial entrepreneurs” and that in 2017, “260 million dollars were added to the billing scheme of Endeavor’s entrepreneurs”. He also mentioned the ability that these new start-ups have in generating more than 4000 jobs, as well as the growth success that they have experimented, already in their initial phases of development.