An unforgettable day at Pan de Azucar and Piriapolis

The sun shinned bright on Saturday September 22nd as a group of more than 25 International students departed from Montevideo to Cerro Pan de Azucar. After the 1.5-hour ride, the students were ready to face the challenge. Although it is not a long hike (around an hour to reach the highest point at a high of 400 m), it is very steep and presents slippery areas. One of the students states that ¨the excursion to Pan de Azucar was a lot of fun. The climb was very steep and at times extreme... but the effort was worth it! At the top, the view is exciting.” Once the highest point was reached, the students spent some time enjoying the view, eating a picnic and climbing up the cross, before it was time to return. Before heading out of the park, the students spent some time exploring the reservation, where they could find a large diversity of animals.

In the afternoon, the group headed to Piriapolis. In this town, they “enjoyed a fantastic rejuvenating ice cream at the famous Gelateria del Faro and walked on the beach”. Although the initial idea was to watch the sunset from the beach, the approach of the storm prevented this from happening. At around 5 o´clock the bus was ready to head back to Montevideo.

“It was a beautiful day in the company of international and Uruguayan students!” said one of the students as he arrived in the capital city.