The UM offers different activities for International Students

The international office has planned multiple activities for the international students to enjoy during their semester abroad. The schedule includes recreational, cultural and volunteering activities that provide the students a close look to the country through different perspectives. 

One of the activities planned for August consisted on a visit to the “Viven Museo”, where a group on international students had the opportunity to learn in detail about the Andes tragedy and miracle. The museum is located in the Old City of Montevideo and is dedicated to the memory of the 29 people who died in the plane crash that occurred in the Cordillera de los Andes, at the end of 1972. It also aims to be an acknowledgment to the 16 compatriots who "returned to life", after 72 long and hellish days. By visiting this place, different values such as: teamwork, solidarity, friendship that emanate from this unique history are spread among the visitors. It was a very emotional and inspiring experience for the students who enjoyed the two hours guided visit.

On September 8th, a group of international students participated in a painting activity of a school organized by VUM (Voluntariado Universidad de Montevideo).  The activity consisted in painting a different parts of the school “Colegio María Inmaculada” including: playground, soccer court and walls. The school offers both elementary and primary education and has given multiple benefit to different families in the neighborhood for several generations, providing the area with the necessary spiritual support to transcend time.

It was a whole day of work, in which more than 10 international students were involved. One of the students form France expresses that it made him “happy to have participated in bringing joy and smiles at the school and hopes that the children will have a lot of fun playing and growing at their recreational field”. While another student from the Netherlands highlights that the activity was very inspiring and that “at the start he thought that it would be impossible to make a real difference in just one day, but in the end, the result looked fantastic.”