Applying Technology to Modern Medicine

Pablo Pereira, UM School of Engineering alumni, talks about his startup Armor Bionics, which creates accurate 3D models of the anatomical condition of patients to plan surgeries

Armor Bionics, founded back in 2015, is dedicated, as it is stated in its official website, to the development of tailor made solutions for the medical field, designing tools for the optimization of surgery planning, designed to aid professionals in the three dimensional visualization and materialization of sliced based imaging acquisition data. Its founders seek to empower doctors with the latest technologies and developments to save as many lives as possible.

How does it work? A patient or his doctor presents the company with images and scans of the condition to be treated and, from these, the company prints in 3D an exact copy of the part of the body that will be operated. This way, the doctor can practice the surgery before intervening the patient.

Pablo Pereira, a Computing Engineering from the UM´s Engineering School, is one of the of Armor Bionics founders, together with Bruno Demuro. "The idea of ​​the company was born from the diagnosis of a tumor in the meninges and the subsequent surgery of Bruno's mother, with whom we started the project," Pereira tells UM.

When asked about the evolution of the organization, the UM alumni stated: "The original idea of ​​the company was based only on the local printing of the models. Since that, we changed the business model four times in two years. Today we have an online platform that serves patients all over the word, making it easier for doctors to use this tool and taking advantage of the potential of 3D printers.”