“An educated society has more tools for life”

UM Alumni Ianara Rodríguez was awarded with the 2nd place, among more than 250 contestants from Montevideo, in the Common Education Contest of the Council of Initial and Primary Education

Ianara Rodríguez chose to study Education because she is convinced that "teachers have a very important role in society", as they can help in the development of thought and human values. She graduated in December of 2017 and now works in both a private and a public school. Recently, she dedicated several hours of study and practice to the preparation for the Common Education Contest organized by the Council of Initial and Primary Education (CEIP, for its Spanish acronym). The effort paid off: her score was 57/60 and, with it, she obtained the second place in Montevideo this year, among more than 250 registered participants.

"I chose UM for its academic proposal and for the values ​​it stands for," said the Alumni of the School of Humanities and Education. In addition to the subjects of the primary education plan, she cherished the subjects of Anthropology, Ethics and Theology. From her current experience as a teacher in the public and private sector, she assured that they are two "different and challenging realities.”