“The Law interested me for its function of collecting the fundamental values”

Pilar Álvarez studied Law at UM. Since January, she´s doing an internship in Shearman & Sterling´s arbitration department in Paris

Pilar Álvarez was part of the 2012 UMs´ School of Law generation. “Our class was very close, very relaxed, and we used to help each other a lot”, she says. In 2017, Álvarez participated, alogn with other four of her classmates, in the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot (Viena). The UM ended up in the third place, tied with Columbia University, in the 340 world-wide universities competition. Furthermore, Pilar received a mention as one of the best speakers of the contest.

It was through her Public International Law professor, Yael Ribco (also a UMs´ School of Law alumni), that Álvarez discovered the opportunity of doing a six-month internship at the arbitration department at the Shearman & Sterling firm. She then flew to the French capital city in January 2018: “I changed Uruguay´s summer for the coldest Parisian winter in years!” she told UM. However, “it´s a spectacular city” and, without question, the work experience is worth it, she ensures.