UM & UofL: Double chance at a bright future

The School of Economics & Business Administration invited their freshmen students to an informative event about the University of London degrees.

Over 40 students attended a special event off-campus, in which panelists Fernanda Guliak (Director of ReachingU), Martin Hughes (entrepreneur and former Global Head of Marketing at BAT) and Juan Diego Soler (Associate Director at Julius Baer and alumnus of Banking and Finance from the University of London) shared their thoughts about the new expectations in education, the importance of developing new skills at school to embrace global mindfulness, and the impact of pursuing a degree from UofL through the UM.

Maria Estrada, who heads the implementation of the University of London degrees at University of Montevideo, discussed the formal aspects of each degree available to local students, which are: BSc in Banking and Finance, BSc in Business and Management, or BSc in Economics and Management.

The London School of Economics and Political Science is responsible for the academic direction of the above degrees.

Current University of London students at UM took their annual University of London exams this month, and will await for their results in August. In 2017, UM students were amongst the best in the world in terms of exam results.