UM Students take part in International Fair!

International students present their home universities to UM classmates as options for their Exchange programmes.

Ireland, Hong Kong or Mexico? UM has more than 130 partner universities in over 40 countries, which every year become the destinations for students who want to experience another culture through studying abroad. The International Relations Department organise the International Fair for those students who wish to apply, to get to know these different institutions better.

Other than the candid photos and the cupcakes decorated with the flags of different countries, what really defines this event is the current international students who are enjoying their exchange experiences through attending classes, making new friends and travel. They, in turn, present their home universities to those who plan to go on exchange.

This year’s International Fair, which took place on the 11th of April in the main building, saw students from Ireland, St. Petersburg Russia, SKEMA and Science Po Lille in France, La Coruña in Spain, Birmingham in the United Kingdom, Montana University in the USA, and many more, share their experiences with their Uruguayan classmates.

Vanella Rabaquino, Student Mobility Coordinator, commented: “It’s fantastic to see so many young Uruguayans and international students enjoy sharing their experiences about their universities. To see them together is a reminder of how connected the world really is.”