UM at Osnabrück University International Block Week

Professor Fernanda Nan led a Seminar on Current Key Business Practices

In the October´s Block Week at Hochschule Osnabrück University, Fernanda Nan presented a seminar on Current Key Business Practices: Compliance and Ethics.   She was selected among many professors from different universities worldwide.

“The experience was fantastic. It was an incredible moment to get to know new teaching methods, which resulted incredible in multiple ways. Twenty-two students attended the seminar, and the majority were Germans. I was amazed with their respect for the teacher and the excellent learning skills they have. The classes were smooth and dynamic, with no interruptions, and students’ commitment to learning. Many of them did after-class research, to prepare the following classes. They were demanding, as they absorbed quickly the topics and were interested to learn more. Their level they reached was equivalent to training of directors in my private work”, stated professor Nan.

The students’ feedback of the seminar was excellent and due to that, Hochschule Osnabrück University is keen to generate more fluid communication and bonds between the Universities.

After the Seminar, professor Nan was convened to be panelist in the 7th UNODC Convention in Viena, representing the private sector and Uruguay.   

The Universidad de Montevideo and Hochschule Osnabrück University signed a cooperation agreement in 2007.