Three UM students awarded the SUSI scholarship

UM Communications and Business students will study in the Study of the US Institute in Massachusetts

Tatiana Oviedo, from the School of Communications, and Mathias Umpiérrez and Sofía Pandolfo, School of Business Administration & Economics students, have been selected for the “SUSI Program for Student Leaders”.

Accompanied by the US Embassy in Uruguay, the Study of the US Institute (SUSI) for student leaders program gives undergraduate students the chance to get to know, first hand, the history and government system of the United States.   

For four weeks, over 20 participants will study at the Institute for Training and Development (ITD) campus in Amherst, Massachusetts starting in January 2018. They will engage in academic activities related to the political, social and cultural areas. The program includes visits to different US sites, mainly in New York, Arizona and Washington DC.