UM launches a Double Degree in Economics & Philosophy

New degree in Economics & Philosophy enables UM students to obtain two degrees.

The similarities between Economics and Philosophy inspired UM teachers to set forth a new double degree. Students commence their degree in Economics and, by the time they have to choose the elective, they can take philosophical subjects. In doing so, students can achieve a degree in Economics in four years and, after completing all the required courses and a thesis, they can also obtain a degree in Philosophy. 

“The questions about society, politics or ethics can be answered from different outlooks today. But any of those fields will always be incomplete. Today, increasingly, we need to form ourselves to be and to live seeking dialogue between different fields of study,” stated Francisco O’ Reilly, Director of the Department of Philosophy.   

On the other hand, Marcelo Caffera, Director of the Economics Degree, explained: “The double degree in Economics & Philosophy aims to train economists that, besides knowing the quantitative analysis techniques and economics models in depth, can understand their limits, comprehend how they should interact with the rest of the social sciences and have a comprehensive perspective of the human behavior motivations.”