UM International Students volunteered in TECHO

International Students built transitional homes in a neighborhood of Montevideo

In the weekend of September 23, international students studying at the UM participated in TECHO´s construction weekend. TECHO is a nonprofit organization that mobilizes youth volunteers to fight extreme poverty in Latin America, by constructing transitional housing and implementing social inclusion programs. The homes are made of wood and built by volunteers who work alongside the beneficiary families. These transitional homes allow unprivileged populations to have a private, safe and decent shelter.

These young people contributed to build transitional wood houses for families that live in a neighborhood called “24 de junio” in the outskirts of Montevideo. Mark Roshop, from Khune Logistics University, said that the experience was incredible. “I would recommend every student to do it. Even though it was a hard I definitely learned a lot. The things that moved me the most were the stories of the people that live there. One guy told me that his best friend was killed a few weeks ago and that he felt it was time to change something in his life. He was motivated and helped us build a house. He also said that he wanted to start working but he cannot afford a health card and it isn´t so easy for him to do so. I learned that there are much more circumstances that make it very hard and sometimes impossible for some people to get out of their current lives.”