Santander Universities Award for UM Researcher

Álvaro Pérez got a grant for a project on Journalism and reporting

On September 25, 2017, Alvaro Perez was officially awarded the Santander Scholarship for Young Researchers. He will travel to the University of Navarre, where he achieved his doctorate, to carry out research on journalism and discourse with other colleagues of the School of Communications.

'In this current ever-changing world, he said, there is a need of telling good and real stories in an appropriate context. Journalists need to validate information. The objective of the project is to help detect what is permanent in journalism, regardless the format in which it is offered or the product in which it is consumed,' he added.

He will address the topic both from the creative writing and the academic perspective, two areas to which he is linked in his current role as a teacher in the School of Communications, through the study of historical examples that show "the need for good journalism ". Perez is the chief editor of Repórter, a digital journal of the UM School of Communications.