A Common Goal: The Entrepreneurial Culture

Executive Director of Endeavor Uruguay visited the UM and met with UM authorities.

On September 21, Joaquin Morixe, Executive Director of Endeavor Uruguay, met with Rector Juan Manuel Gutiérrez, the General Administrator, Diego Moreira; the director of Initium, Josefina Maisonnave; and the coordinator of the career Management and Business Administration, Ma. Martha Passadore.

They discussed the importance of preparing graduates for an upcoming world of "risk" and "no fear of failure". In addition to supporting high-impact projects, Endeavor's executive director said that the institution aims to promote an entrepreneurial culture in daily decisions. This is aligned with the mission of Initium within the UM. Initium fosters entrepreneurial culture in education and working life. This is the challenge of Initium and also one of Endeavor's goals.

For the first time, the UM sponsored the Endeavor Gala held on September 7. Diego Moreira, Josefina Maisonnave and IEEM professor Ignacio Munyo attended Endeavor Annual meeting along with “more than 800 decision makers, entrepreneurs, investors and government representatives," according to Endeavor.