The UM welcomes students from fifteen countries

Students from forty-seven partner universities study at the UM in the second semester 2017

On July 30 incoming international students attended the Orientation Sessions at the University. They come from partner universities in Germany, Australia, Belgium, Chile, Spain, United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Finland, the Netherlands, Israel, Italy, Norway and Portugal.

The UM Rector welcomed the new students saying that the UM has a Christian identity and is open to people from all creeds. Students and professors feel happy and comfortable studying here, because they are all respected and valued as persons, as friends, more than as students or professors, no matter how they think or what they believe. The UM was inspired by St. Josemaría Escrivá from whom we learned four significant teachings: the value of a work well done, the spirit of service, the love for liberty and the promotion of the family. He mentioned that the most important thing he wished for them were its values.

The other sessions focused on the services offered, the sports and volunteer activities, and internship opportunities in Uruguay. There was a welcome lunch where students met other students and UM professors. They will all attend courses in the schools of engineering, communication, humanities, business and economics.