UM graduate promotes Enseña Uruguay

At UM annual Career Fair, Sofia Moll tells all about the challenging educational project

From May 30th to June 1st, Sofia Moll, Head and Communications Coordinator of Enseña Uruguay, introduced an innovative proposal to UM students and recent graduates.

Sofía described Enseña Uruguay as an independent organization, partner of the global network Teach for All, which connects more than 40 organizations from different countries around the world, all working towards expanding educational opportunities with remarkable results.

“We recruit, select, train and support young professionals or advanced university students committed with education, in order to help them develop the necessary skills to teach and have a positive impact during two years in vulnerable communities”, Sofia Moll stated.

We wish them all the best! 

  • Sofia Moll at UM

“This intense experience will give these young professionals a profound understanding on the situation of Uruguay's education. With that perspective in mind, they will be able to elaborate solutions and alternatives towards the developing of a new educational model that is focused on achieving excellent results, is more equal and inclusive, and can make a sustained impact throughout the years.”