It's All About Attitude

Joaquin Pena, UM Engineering student, selected by Adecco Uruguay for "Be CEO for One Month". All four finalists are UM students

In 2013 Joaquin Pena was awarded an excellence scholarship to study Engineering at the UM. While doing an internship in Spain, he received an email from the UM inviting him to participate in the recruitment process “Be Adecco´s CEO for a month”, and he decided to apply for it as a chance to “reach for new opportunities and break out of his comfort zone”.

Adecco -an international company with more than 50 years of experience in providing Human Resources services- promoted this experience in 48 countries. In Uruguay, one thousand applied for it. The four selected finalists are current UM students.


Joaquin Pena had to go through a first selection process by presenting his CV and a brief description of his personality and why he wanted to participate of the experience. In the next step, he answered 60 online questions. The selected 12 candidates attended a series of dynamic instances, some as part of a group. There were four finalists: Agustina Lafluf, UM Economics student, Federica Vila and Ricardo Butler, both UM students of Public Accounting and Management and Business Administration, and Joaquín.

The UM students had an interview with the Director of Human Resources of Adecco Uruguay. Then, the three selected attended a talk with Uruguayan CEO Nelson Montoya. Finally, Joaquín and Federica, whom the engineering student described as "an excellent candidate", had another interview via Skype, with the Director of Human Resources in Argentina. He said that these instances were open talks to get to know the candidates better. From Joaquin´s perspective, what matters is the candidate's attitude. 

As of June 12, Joaquín will work alongside the CEO of Adecco Uruguay. He wants to bring ideas and innovation. One of his projects has the purpose of linking the two environments in which he believes that there is sometimes a gap: the academic and the labor.

Joaquín will share his experience through his Twitter (@JPenaSapelli) and LinkedIn accounts (Joaquín Pena).