Good rugby players and good students

UM Authorities received the President of the URU and rugby players who study at the UM

“A hooligans’ game played by gentlemen”. This is how an English proverb defines rugby. Although it may seem like a violent sport, rugby has many values to teach, just as studying and university life. The Uruguayan Rugby Union (URU) and the University of Montevideo (UM) defended this position in an event for Teros who study at the university.

An agreement signed by these two institutions is meant to promote that the students who compete in the Uruguayan Rugby Selection, as well as other elite sportsmen and sportswomen, can make their university studies compatible with team practices and matches.

Multiple representatives from UM and URU participated in this meeting. Part of the delegation was formed by UM Rector Juan Manuel Gutierrez, UM Sports Director Raúl Guerra, URU President Sebastián Piñeyrúa and URU Spokesperson Andrés Pieroni. The Rector emphasized the values that both the UM and URU share: “Good work, with effort and compromise, and humbleness; he who is humble is grateful.” Guerra added: “We want to form very good athletes, very good professionals and very good people.” Pieroni reminded the students to thank their parents for their sacrifice and that this also a recognition for them. Piñeyrúa motivated the Teros to demonstrate that they value and appreciate this project by forming very well academically.

“We want them to be great players and for them to grow and improve their results. But one of the objectives we have is that they are educated as people as well and that when they finish their rugby career, they can have the tools and possibilities they need to continue on with success and be able to form a family. For that, we believe that studying and attending university is the fundamental building block for this agreement,” the URU president concluded.