A methodology to innovate

María Martha Passadore and Josefina Maisonnave attended Design Thinking Program at Stanford University

In January 2017, María Martha Passadore, director of the degree in Business Administration, together with and Josefina Maisonnave, director of INITIUM, participated in an intensive program in the Institute of Design (D. School) at Stanford University. They studied the pedagogics of Design Thinking methodology.

“The course gave us new and updated tools to implement Design Thinking methodology at the university and in companies”, stated Passadore. The DTh is a training methodology that has an easy proposition: “learning by doing”. The course comprised four-day work which brought them to different stages of the process of DTh. 

Apart from the United States, there were participants from Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, Brazil, Netherlands, Canada and Slovenia. 

Maisonnave explained that DTh it a methodology that focuses on human values and helps empathize with people that are designing or working. It encourages individuals to be active and work in multidisciplinary groups with different perspectives. 

In the same line, Passadore stated that the world needs innovative projects that cause a positive impact. “Through the Design Thinking one accomplishes two goals: to think through the perspective of the user and therefore be able to come up with innovative solutions and to prototype and be able to test the solutions in an easy and affordable way.”