A successful technological achievement

UM engineering students develop a self-service beer consumption model with electronic cards

It wasn’t clear if the increasing amount of students that gathered in one of the UM Engineering laboratories were there to learn about an auto-service model created by their classmate, which was innovative both at a national and a regional level, or with the hope of getting a sip of beer. Perhaps they gathered there for both reasons.

This semester, IT engineering students Alexis Zecharies, Luis Gurméndez, Nicolás Ferro, Ignacio Rossi, and Joaquín Pérez, together with Belgian exchange student Melvin Gelbard, worked on a self-service prototype for beer which works with electronic cards. During a project presentation, they explained to UM students how this initiative was developed and managed.

The model development was a response to the challenge proposed by Wilfred Camacho, who graduated as an industrial engineering at the UM. The junior students at the UM School of Engineering developed the prototype in the Laboratory Course TIC 5.