International semesters and Short Courses at UM

Learn about the new Latin American Studies Program, the US Law semester or the hugely popular International Business Semester, and contact the International Relations Department at UM. Don't miss out!

International students have several options at UM. They can choose from short courses, a whole semester or even a year and stay as independent students, exchange students, visiting researchers, or beneficiaries of internships in local companies.

International Students also have the option of taking a Spanish Language Course, designed to help them succeed in courses taught in Spanish.

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International Business Semester

Taught in English.

+ Managing Multicultural Diversity
+ Latin American Economics
+ Doing Business in Latin America
+ Latin American History and Culture
+ International Business Finance
+ Comparative Legal Systems
+ Social Service Seminar

More info: http://www.um.edu.uy/docs/international_semester_brochure.pdf


US Law Program

Taught in English.

+ Introduction to the American Legal System
+ Legal Writing & Analysis
+ Basic Guidelines on Contracts & Torts
+ Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution
+ International Business Transactions in Latin America
+ International Trade Contracts
+ Corporations
+ Raising Capital in the World Financial Markets: Introduction to Financial and Legal Considerations 

More info: http://www.um.edu.uy/derecho/noticias/2267_UM-unica-universidad-uruguaya-con-programa-en-Derecho-Anglosajon/#imagenes


Latin American Studies Program

Taught in English.

+ Latin American Economics
+ Doing Business in Latin America
+ Latin American History and Culture or Contemporary Culture
+ Multicultural Diversity


Programa de Estudios Latinoamericanos

Taught in Spanish.

+ Historia del Pensamiento Latinoamericano
+ Literatura Latinoamericana
+ Historia Uruguaya or Historia de Uruguay y Región del Plata
+ Sem.: Servicio Social Voluntario


Diplomas from the School of Humanities

Taught in Spanish.

  • Estudios Contemporáneos
  • Arte
  • Estudios Políticos y Sociales
  • Lengua y Cultura Inglesa

More info: http://www.um.edu.uy/docs/plan%20de%20estudios%20diplomas%20humanidades.pdf


Global Supply Networks and Manufacturing Culture in Latin America

School of Engineering / Two-week course in English


Spanish Language Courses



For more information visit Applications and Procedures

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