Semester Abroad

The UM offers a wide range of international programs to fit the interests of each international student. Students can study abroad for a semester or a year as an independent student, as an exchange student, as a visiting researcher, or as part of an internship.

International Students also have the option of taking a Spanish Language Course, designed to help them succeed in courses taught in Spanish.

Independent Students/Free Movers

Also known within the Euro zone as Free Movers, international students can enroll as independent students at the UM outside of the framework of an exchange program. International students can study for one semester or a year and fulfill their degree requirements while paying tuition for their courses.

Student Exchange Program

The Student Exchange Program is coordinated between the UM and its partner universities from around the world. Students pay their home university tuition while studying abroad at the UM. These exchanges allow students to experience cultural immersion, acquire a foreign language, and develop a deeper appreciation of the host country.

Doing Research at UM

Visiting undergraduate and graduate students, as well as visiting academic scholars, may undertake research at the UM working on a topic supervised by a professor on the student´s subject of interest.

Internship Program

Internships are available for international students; a credit-bearing course in which students can apply to work with Uruguayan organizations or within the University itself. These students must also be enrolled in a minimum of two courses at the University. It is a great opportunity for students to acquire a global vision and to demonstrate adaptability in an international setting.